Short and sweet – interruptions are stealers of YOUR time.

10 Interruption Pointers:

1/  Especially for Managers – have a designated ‘open door’ policy time.

2/  Attempt to complete your most important projects before everyone is needing YOU.

3/  You may need to rearrange your furniture so you are not so venerable to walk-ins.

4/  Don’t let the interruptions frustrate you; the people factor is the most important aspect.

5/  Create a time and space for handling questions.


6/  Plan for ‘the interruptions’!

7/  Communications:  give all pertinent details in the beginning; establish a FAQ; provide a sheet of/for new changes (cut down on reasons to be interrupted).

8/  When asked – “Got a minute”  – respond ‘No. But, I will at 11:30 – can I come to your office?’ or, ‘Can I meet you for lunch?’

9/  Set an appointment to talk with person at a non-busy time.  “I am in the middle of something, can I get back with you at 3?”

10/  Determine the reason for the interruption?  People need info?  They need to vent?  It is your Boss or VIP Client?  Ask the question – “How can I specifically assist you”? – that should help move your day along.

Stop The Drip [of your time!] (Interruptions 7 Blog)
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