Is your team a happy team? Or, would your team be, except for 1 person? Are you that person?  Do you know ‘that’ person?  There is no ‘I’ in TEAM!! There are basics of ‘good’ team dynamics:  Support, Think of Others and Mutual Influence are the cornerstones of  effective team synergy.

Good teams operate best with positive work relationships. Keep dialog open and ongoing  with ALL members. If a distraction occurs toward the team goal, let them know right away.  Perhaps, a redistribution of work can be done; another person assigned; or, an extension requested.

Respect your team member’s time – the way you want your time respected!! If you need help with a segment of your task – ask for it … early.  Don’t wait until you are suppose to be wrapping up or launching a new system to let your team know YOUR PART is NOT complete (for whatever reason). Have periodic brainstorming sessions with EVERYBODY present, or connected via phone. Everyone should feel their contribution is equally important; because, IT IS!

Help each other out so tasks can be completed on time.  Look for ways to improve your team’s working together.  Perhaps, your group would prefer early morning meetings; or email update of assignments (Who, What task, and When due).  Your group may prefer a bi-weekly conference call.  Perhaps, an after hours meeting for a 30-minute project update.  Poll your team members to ascertain what would be conducive to your team.

Make use of project management software if your project really warrants that and that all members have the same edition of software.  Have a class with the entire team in attendance (hook in out-of-area members via a webinar) to go over how the software works and ‘tips/tricks’ for ease of use — don’t assume they ALL know how to use a software dynamic efficiently!!  Use Google Doc or Dropbox or other similar software. Make it easy for your team to be all they can be!

Be very mindful of your deadline to submit your part.  Always have and USE an agenda for meetings so you do not get off track.

A happy team is a productive and efficient problem solving entity!  Share the load and have fun.





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