Hello – Hope everyone is enjoying their summer.

First – Do YOU or someone you know need short-term coaching (3 months)? Please reply and let me know or forward this to the person you know – who does. THX

Second – Do you know of any Coaches who would like to have access to the DiSC Assessment (USA only) to use with their Clients – again… let me know. That is a service I am providing.

GJ Client Testimonals: “Gloria-Jean helped me to set a focused plan, and work steadily to achieve the goals we outlined together. I greatly benefited from the resources that were suggested for me (books, articles, etc)”. Nancy D.


“I am happy to report that notable progress has been made with a level of calm I have not experienced in the past”. Jamie A.

Third – New e-Book is available on Amazon ~ “365+ Tips To A More Efficient YOU (How to Increase your Efficiency by 55%)”.

Productivity tips in 7 categories: Analyzing, Planning/Scheduling, Procrastination, Email Control, Efficient/Productive, Goals/Habits, and General. PLUS, bonus topics: Meetings and Team Work. Over 365 tips, when applied with reflection and focused discipline, will enable you to increase your efficiency … as high as you want. Be intentional in the pursuit of YOUR goals and aspirations.

Trust you found this short and sweet. Be sure to still follow my tips 3x per week on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest. But, better yet engagement me to coach you, in your way of behavior, to better equip yourself to reach YOUR goals. Click here for more information.

Remember ~ You can only control YOU. Develop a game plan with workable steps to achieve your dreams and goals. Let me help YOU! <–click

‘Til September 2019/AUTUMN – be safe and have fun.

Gloria-Jean Brown gloriajean@coachingbyGJ.com www.CoachingbyGJ.com 

“SAY SO” by GJ – Inaugural Edition ~ 20 Aug 19

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