Hey, it is November. Thanksgiving RIGHT around the corner (next week)! Are you traveling or everyone is coming to your home this year? Have your Christmas shopping list done? Is it on your phone, so when you see a deal you can get it and know who the gift is for? DO YOU have a shopping / gift list on your Trello board – – or, Asana – – or, even EXCEL?

Let me not forget to mention … Time is UP. This year brings an end to a decade and we launching into a new one on January 1st. So – are you really where you want to be? The next 45 days or so are going to fly by: turkey, football, decorating, cooking, shopping, pine trees, wrapping, traveling, flying, driving, cold weather (for most), children home from school.

  1. Plan and Schedule – they go hand-in-hand. If you want to accomplish something (goal), you must set aside adequate time to perform the task. Schedule it like a Doctors’ appointment.
  2. Be specific in your goals/tasks; be able to measure your progress; set them in achievable chucks of time; be certain they are realistic; and set time perimeters for each step. s-m-a-r-t = SMART goals!!
  3. Don’t let time-wasting activities trip you up to make you think you are do ‘something” — constant checking of email–social networking sites–IM: set a specific time to check 3x per day.
  4. Important versus Urgent ~ Important – those things that contribute significantly to your objectives. Urgent – those things that require immediate attention. All activities have some degree of urgent and importance built-in. Stick to the Important/non-urgent ‘work to do’.
  5. Learn to say “No”. If your ‘plate’ is full – let others know. Give someone else a chance to assist. You do everyone a disservice when you say ‘yes’ and are unable to handle your portion!! Especially the stress you inflicted on yourself!!
  6. Prepare a plan with a libel amount of flexibility; but have some idea of what YOU want to accomplish with each and every day (3 major goals/task).
  7. Break large projects into smaller pieces over several days. Aim to finish two days before due dates. Delegate to competent persons, with specific instructions and timelines.
  8. Make time to relax yourself – sit in a quiet room; get a massage; have lunch with a friend who makes you laugh; get more than 4 hours sleep; go to a funny movie; go sit at the Beach or in a Park; get some ice cream and sit and think of nothing but the flavor!!

I am available to assistance with your coaching needs. (smiles)

Have a HAPPY, SAFE, FUN and by all means ‘PEACEful’ Holiday time with friends and family.

Gloria-JeanBrown  gloriajean@coachingbyGJ.com www.CoachingbyGJ.com

“SAY SO by GJ” – 21 Nov 2019 ~ New Decade Coming – Are You Ready?

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