Are You READY?

A very HAPPY New Year/Happy Decade to each of you!!!!

If you need my coaching assistance – PLEASE contact me at [Time Management; Efficiency/Productivity]. Click here to view my coaching website page. If you are ready – 3 months is your ticket. Make an appointment to talk and get any questions you have answered.

Please visit my resource page on my website ( – your Marketing TYPE assessment; other saving resourses [ shopping; groceries; solar power saving, without any equipment, on your electric bill ]. Check periodically, as new affiliate sources will be added.

Here are your 3 short pointers for January 2020:

1. Take a day off (periodically) for special interest activities (YOURS): a sporting event; a concert; take spouse and/or children on an outing; 1st ball game of spring.

2. You DO need coaching if you are feeling ‘out of control’; or, you are tossing and turning all night instead of sleeping soundly!!

3. The better you control your days, the more productive you will be.

Until next month – remember small steps get you where you want to go when they are focused and determined. Your CTA (call to action) – Contact me.

Gloria-Jean Brown

“Say So by GJ” – 21 Jan 2020

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