Communicating:  written/paper or digital/online – don’t complicate it! Be clear and concise — or, don’t write it.  And the other part/side is what are you doing with YOUR paper; YOUR emails on the digital side?

This is certainly my biggest challenge. The time it takes to seemingly do something so simple as ‘check my email’ for client or business that needs immediate assistance. An hour later I/we are still trapped in the river. We know we really can NOT look because of the build up when we don’t; or, we are stuck on a work or family project; vacation — we really can’t let it go for a week!! [You do take a week’s vacation, so you can unwind, don’t you?]–Smiles

1. Type and save for cut/paste – any industry standard responses that you use.
2. If there is a certain response that you use for whatever reason – type, save for cut/paste.
3. Simplify procedures.
4. Is it junk – do not entertain it –THROW away.
5. You have 3 choices: READ/take action; READ/file; read/throw away or delete.

Be aware of how your time is spent – whether online or received paper mail (office or home). You may want to set up a reading file for a specific time 3-4 times a week. I would suggest first thing in the morning when brain is clear and decisions come faster!! Try not to do this on your rejuvenating, weekend family time!!

Another thought – don’t be so quick to give an answer to a request. SLEEP on it – see how you feel in the morning.

Keep It Short! (Communicating Blog 9)

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