3rd Thursday with GJ ~ Thursday, 17 March 2022 – “Relax … Often”

brown wooden bench on beach during daytime

While on vacation, I periodically thought – need to draft “something”! (LOL)

My Daughter and I took a trip to the beach for a week. You each need time away from your daily grind. You could even do a true ‘stay-cation’. I do something each quarter (4) with my husband or 1 or both Daughters. You need to have that relief valve ready!!

We did not cook!! Ate breakfast and dinner at a variety of establishments. And played in between ( Art Museum (2), walked on the beach, touched the Atlantic Ocean, shopped, Botanical Gardens, played Gin Rummy and sat enjoying the sun on our balcony. And a lot of other activities.

Plan something for you and yours. Ignite your relief valve. My next adventure is in June.

Gloria-Jean Brown


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