​”Fun Work Days” [9 May 2019, #19 – The Thursday BLOG] – Making use of color in your office accessories; color coded file folders; use of stimulating essentials oils; all ways to enjoy your work day.

  • 1. Copies to make – set them copying while you do a 20-minute time block on a project. If home – put a load of laundry in before you make your 5 calls.
  • 2. Schedule a lunch with a close friend – a Wednesday ~ break up your work week.
  • 3. Flat out – take a break (go for a walk; go to a lunch time program at a museum; go work by the river (laptop; or papers to review; research book to read), or park.

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“Timed Productivity” ~ ‘Fun Work Days’ (9May19, The Thursday BLOG), #19/52​

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